About Us

Our mission - At BigDiscover we exist to save time and money. We are doing this by creating a customer focused company data platform that negates the need for multiple other subscriptions.

What’s currently wrong with company data?
Currently, data on companies is scattered across the far reaches of the internet, and where you can find it, it doesn’t provide information on operations in the regions you want, is expensive, is in different formats, and is on incredibly outdated platforms.

How is company data currently collected? If you are doing an analysis of a competitor, potential client, alliance partner, etc, and need to find information on the company's global, Australian, and Singaporean operations (as an example), you have to first find a source for the global data, a separate source for the Australian data, and then, laboriously, you have to find another source for its Singaporean data, which often isn't even available.

How does BigDiscover solve these issues? BigDiscover is the first platform to combine all regions of a company’s operations into one profile. Unlike other platforms, we build a single ultimate parent profile which contains financial information, M&A data, information on subsidiaries and more, all on one user-friendly platform. No more hours spent aimlessly searching the internet. No more custom search queries for different platforms. No more complexity.

Do other platforms do something similar? While platforms sometimes provide access to similar information, they are on complex and outdated systems that are incredibly expensive, costing upwards of US$399 per user per month, and don’t even provide access to basic information for free. Similarly, most company data platforms are geographically limited and can cost tens of thousands of dollars for even the smallest customers. All public company profiles on BigDiscover are free. We only charge membership fees on data that takes a considerable amount of time and money to compile.

How to reference BigDiscover

Referencing BigDiscover is easy. In most use cases, please reference "BigDiscover.com" within your presentation, video, article, etc, where you have incorporated our data.

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