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July 1, 2020
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ASX Limited

AUD 1,089.4 million (2019)
AUD 492.0 million (2019)
689 (2019)
GICS Industry Group:
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
1 April 1987
Current CEO:
Dominic Stevens (Aug 2016-)
This is the ultimate parent


ASX Limited (also known as the Australian Securities Exchange Limited or just ASX) primarily acts as a provider of securities exchange, derivatives exchange, exchange ancillary services, central counterparty clearing services, registry, depository, settlement and delivery-versus-payment clearing of financial products, technical and information services. As at 30 June 2019, the company employed 689 people throughout its operations.

ASX derives all external customer revenue within Australia with some of the company's services accessible, and some of its customers located, offshore. The company is located at 20 Bridge Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia.

In 2006 the Australian Stock Exchange merged with the Sydney Futures Exchange and and became known as the Australian Securities Exchange. On 1 August 2010 the Australian Securities Exchange became known as ASX Group, following the launch of a new group structure.

ASX Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code ASX.

In Australian Dollars (AUD)
In Australian Dollars (AUD)
In Australian Dollars (AUD)
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Operating Segments:

Derivatives and OTC Markets - The derivatives and OTC markets segment is engaged in trading and clearing of futures and equity options, and clearing of OTC interest rate derivatives. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, the derivatives and OTC markets segment accounted for 28.41% (AUD 309.5 million) of total revenue.

Trading Services - The trading services segment provides trading venue or exchange activities for trading. Cash market trading revenue is recognised at the point the service is provided which is the settlement date. Memberships for cash market trading participants are billed at the commencement of the financial year and recognised within receivables and revenue received in advance. Revenue in relation to information and technical services is recognised over the period the service is provided. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, the trading services segment accounted for 21.20% (AUD 230.9 million) of total revenue.

Listings and Issuer Services - This segment offers listing and issuer services offered to public companies and other issuers. The recognition of revenue commences from the date that the entity is admitted to the official list or on quotation of the secondary capital. Issuer services revenue includes revenue for the provision of holding statements and other related activities, and is recognised at the point that the service is provided. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, the equity post-trade services segment accounted for 20.42% (AUD 222.5 million) of total revenue.

Equity Post-Trade Services - The equity post-trade services segment includes revenue from clearing and settlement of quoted securities including equities, debt securities, warrants and exchange-traded funds and is recognised at the point that the service is provided which is the settlement date. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, the listing and issuer services segment accounted for 9.95% (AUD 108.4 million) of total revenue.

Other - Other includes information and technical services supporting the group's activities. This segment also includes interest income, dividend income, and share of net (loss) of equity accounted investments. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, other accounted for 20.02% (AUD 218.1 million) of total revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

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