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July 1, 2020
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Flex Ltd

USD 26,210.5 million (2019)
USD 93.4 million (2019)
171,171 (2019)
Changi South Lane, Singapore
25 September 1969
Current CEO:
Revathi Advaithi (11 Feb 2019–)


Flex Ltd designs, builds, ships and manages complete packaged consumer and enterprise products, from medical devices and connected automotive systems to sustainable lighting and cloud and data centre solutions.

The company serves global brands such as Cisco, Ford, IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. Flex (which at the time went under the name Flextronics) was one of the leading-edge companies in the transition from contract manufacturing to value-added Electronic Manufacturing Services, manufacturing early networking equipment and mobile devices for companies like Motorola, Nokia, Juniper and Ericsson to making Palm Pilots, Xboxes, Blackberrys, and HP printers.

The company's registered address is No. 2 Changi South Lane, Singapore 486123. Although headquartered in Singapore, most of Flex Ltd's corporate offices are located at the company's administrative headquarters in San Jose, California.

Flex Ltd is listed on the NASDAQ under the code FLEX.

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Operating Segments:

Communications & Enterprise Compute - This segment includes the telecom business of radio access base stations, remote radio heads and small cells for wireless infrastructure; the company's networking business, which includes optical, routing, and switching products for data and video networks; server and storage platforms for both enterprise and cloud-based deployments; next generation storage and security appliance products; and rack-level solutions, converged infrastructure and software-defined product solutions. In the year end March 31, 2019 the communications and enterprise compute segment accounted for 31.80% (USD 8,336 million) of total revenue.

Consumer Technologies Group - This segment includes Flex Ltd's consumer-related businesses in Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices, audio and consumer power electronics, mobile devices; and various supply chain solutions for consumer, computing and printing devices. In the year end March 31, 2019 the consumer technologies group segment accounted for 26.18% (USD 6,863 million) of total revenue.

Industrial and Emerging Industries - This segment is comprised of advanced metering infrastructure, energy storage, smart lighting, smart solar energy; and industrial, including semiconductor and capital equipment, office solutions, household industrial and lifestyle, industrial automation and kiosks. In the year end March 31, 2019 the industrial and emerging industries segment accounted for 23.59%(USD 6,183 million) of total revenue.

High Reliability Solutions - This segment is comprised of Flex Ltd's health solutions business, including surgical equipment, drug delivery, diagnostics, telemedicine, disposable devices, imaging and monitoring, patient mobility and ophthalmology; and the company's automotive business, including vehicle electrification, connectivity, autonomous, and smart technologies. In the year end March 31, 2019 the high reliability solutions segment accounted for 18.42% (USD 4,829 million) of total revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

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