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July 1, 2020
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MDR Limited

SGD 285.7 million (2019)
SGD 1.0 million (2019)
318 (2018)
53 Ubi Crescent, Singapore
21 October 2000
Current CEO:
Ong Ghim Choon (August 2009-)
This is the ultimate parent


MDR Limited (MDR) is a Singapore-based after-market service provider for mobile phones and various consumer electronics products, that was incorporated on 21 October 2000.

In Singapore, the MDR Limited and its subsidiaries (the group) operate a large network of telecommunications retail stores (including franchised stores), which offer M1 and Singtel products and services, such as mobile, fixed and wireless broadband. The group's wholly-owned subsidiary Pixio Sdn Bhd, is a key player in the digital inkjet printing for Point-Of-Sale and Out-Of-Home advertising solutions (DPAS) market in Malaysia.

In March 2017, the MDR Limited decided not to extend or renew its distribution agreements in Myanmar which expired in April 2017. As a result, MDR Limited exited from the distribution business in Myanmar, with the exception of Pixio Myanmar Co Ltd.

MDR's registered office and principal place of business at 53 Ubi Crescent, Singapore 408594.

MDR Limited is listed on the Singapore Exchange under the code A27.

In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
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Operating Segments:

Distribution management solutions (DMS) - DMS is a distributor and retailer of mobile telecommunication equipment and mobile related services, including prepaid cards and skin care products. In the year end 31 December 2019, the DMS segment accounted for 88.57% (SGD 253.0 million) of total revenue.

After-market services (AMS) - AMS provides after-market service for mobile equipment and consumer electronic products. In the year end 31 December 2019, the AMS segment accounted for 6.95% (SGD 19.9 million) of total revenue.

Digital Inkjet printing for out-of-home advertising solutions (DPAS) - DPAS provides digital inkjet printing for point-of-sale and out-of-home advertising solutions. In the year end 31 December 2019, the DPAS segment accounted for 2.03% (SGD 5.8 million) of total revenue.

Note: MDR Limited also generates a substantial share of revenue from investments, which primarily comprises investment in marketable securities and loans to third parties. In the year end 31 December 2019, investment income accounted for 2.45% (SGD 7.0 million) of total revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

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