Naver Corporation
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July 1, 2020
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Naver Corporation

KRW 6,593.4 billion (2019)
KRW 396.8 billion (2019)
3,584 (2018)
GICS Industry Group:
Bundang-gu, Seongnamsi, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
2 June 1999
Current CEO:
Han Seong-sook (Mar 2017–)
This is the ultimate parent


Naver Corporation operates the South Korean search engine, NAVER. NAVER is South Korea’s leading Internet search portal and boasts the largest market share for searches, attracting an average of about 30 million mobile visitors a day. Naver Corporation also manages global mobile services such as the mobile messenger LINE, video messenger Snow, and group communication service BAND.

Naver Corporation was first established in June 1999 under the name of Naver Comm. Along with its search engine NAVER, the company also launched a service for children named Junior Naver. In July 2000, Naver merged with Hangame Communications Inc and several other companies including Oneque and Search Solutions.

Naver primarily generates revenue from its operations within South Korea. For the year ending 31 December 2019, South Korea revenues for the company accounted for 64.99% (KRW 4,284.7 billion) of total revenue. In the same year, revenues from Japan, the company's second largest region by revenue, accounted for 29.49% (KRW 1,944.1 billion) of total revenue.

Naver Corporation is listed on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) under the code 035420.

In Korean Won (KRW)
In Korean Won (KRW)
In Korean Won (KRW)

Operating Segments:

Business Platform - The business platform includes search ads and shopping search ads in both online and mobile platforms. The business has steadily grown through constant product improvement, the successful operation of shopping search ads, and mobile search upgrades using AI technologies. For the year end 31 December 2019, the business platform segment accounted for 43.24% (KRW 2,851.0 billion) of operating revenue.

Line and other platforms - Line operates advertising, communications, content, commerce and FinTech businesses globally. For the year end 31 December 2019, Line and other platforms accounted for 37.04% (KRW 2,442.1 billion) of operating revenue.

Advertising - Naver's advertising business includes banner ads, thematic ads and video ads, on both online and mobile platforms. For the year end 31 December 2019, advertising accounted for 9.61% (KRW 633.3 billion) of operating revenue.

IT Platform - The IT platform division is primarily engaged in NAVER Pay, NAVER Cloud Platform, NAVER LINE WORKS, and IT Service businesses. For the year end 31 December 2019, the IT platform segment accounted for 6.94% (KRW 457.5 billion) of operating revenue.

Content Service - The content service segment includes NAVER Webtoon, V LIVE and NAVER Music. For the year end 31 December 2019, the content service segment accounted for 3.18% (KRW 209.5 billion) of operating revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

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