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July 1, 2020
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Sen Yue Holdings Limited

SGD 243.44 million (2019)
SGD 0.02 million (2019)
~595 (2019)
GICS Industry Group:
Current CEO:
Neo Gim Kiong (April 2015-)
This is the ultimate parent


Sen Yue Holdings Limited is an investment holding company, with its subsidiaries principally engaged in e-waste management solutions, commodities trading, and surface coating and related services.

Sen Yue Holdings Limited was established 1992 as a tool and die designer and manufacturer, and later became a specialist electro deposition (ED) coating service provider. The company was originally called PNE Micron Holdings Ltd, but change its name to Sen Yue Holdings Limited with effect from 28 January 2016.

In 2015, Sen Yue Holdings Limited expanded its core business activities into the trading of commodities, especially in non-ferrous metals. As a result, the company's core business operations are made up of the trading of commodities, including copper, non-ferrous metals and other special alloys; Provision of waste management solutions, treatment and recycling of metal scraps, industrial and electronic waste such as lithium-ion batteries (with effect from 2017); Trading of moulds used in the manufacture of speaker nets and frames, and other metal components; Manufacture and sale of speaker nets and frames, and other metal components; and the provision of ED coating, organic coating, powder coating, spray-painting and silk-screening to the manufacturers for automobiles, consumer electronics, motorcycles, bicycle components and iron metal gates.

Sen Yue Holdings Limited's registered office is located at 3 Jalan Pesawat, Singapore 619361.

Sen Yue Holdings Limited is traded on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) under the code 5BS.

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Operating Segments:

Commodities - The commodities segment engages in the trading of commodities, which include copper, stainless steel, other special alloys. Since the end of 2017, Sen Yue Holdings has expanded this segment to include processing and trading of e-waste raw material into its metal elements. In the year end 30 September 2019, the commodities segment accounted for 93.47% (SGD 227.56 million) of total revenue.

ED coating - The electro-deposition (ED) coating segment includes ED coating services and secondary process. ED is the process where colloidal particles (a substance of microscopically dispersed insoluble or soluble particles) suspended in a liquid medium migrate under the influence of an electric field (electrophoresis) and are deposited onto an electrode. In the year end 30 September 2019, the ED coating segment accounted for 5.81% (SGD 14.14 million) of total revenue.

Metal components and tool and die - The metal components and tool and die segment includes manufacturing and sale of perforated materials, speakers nets, tool, die and other metal components. In the year end 30 September 2019, the metal components and tool and die segment accounted for 1.81% (SGD 4.41 million) of total revenue.

Note: Sen Yue Holdings Limited total revenue also includes other revenue (SGD 1.07 million) and inter-segment eliminations (SGD -3.74 million).

Mergers and Acquisitions:

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