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July 1, 2020
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Singapore Airlines Limited

SGD 16,323.2 million (2019)
SGD 721.6 million (2019)
27,078 (2019)
GICS Industry Group:
1 May 1947
Current CEO:
Goh Choon Phong (3 Sep 2010–)


Singapore Airlines Limited is a limited liability company incorporated and domiciled in Singapore. Singapore Airlines is a subsidiary company of Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited, incorporated in Singapore. For the year ending March 31, 2019, the Singapore Airlines group carried over 36 million passengers with a passenger aircraft operating fleet of 195 aircraft.

Singapore Airlines, a full member of the global Star Alliance with a route network that extends across 138 destinations, including those served by its subsidiaries, Scoot (budget aviation) and SilkAir. Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Singapore with its hub located at Singapore's Changi Airport. The principal activities of Singapore Airlines consist of passenger and cargo air transportation, engineering services, training of pilots, air charters and tour wholesaling and related activities. Its subsidiaries also include SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC), Scoot, Tiger Airways, Singapore Flying College and Tradewinds Tours and Travel.

The registered office of the company is at Airline House, 25 Airline Road, Singapore 819829.

Singapore Airlines is listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) under the code C6L.

In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
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Operating Segments:

Singapore Airlines - The Singapore Airlines segment provides passenger and cargo air transportation under the Singapore Airlines brand with a focus on full-service passenger segment serving short and long haul markets. In the year end March 31, 2019, the Singapore Airlines segment accounted for 79.97% (SGD 13,054.2 million) of total revenue.

SilkAir - The SilkAir segment provides passenger air transportation under the SilkAir brand with a focus on full-service passenger segment serving regional markets. In the year end March 31, 2019, the SilkAir segment accounted for 6.19% (SGD 1,011.1 million) of total revenue.

Budget Aviation - The budget aviation segment provides passenger air transportation under the Scoot brand with a focus on low-cost passenger services. In the year end March 31, 2019, the  segment accounted for 10.48% (SGD 1,710.8 million) of total revenue.

SIA Engineering Company - SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) segment provides airframe maintenance and overhaul services, line maintenance, technical ground handling services and fleet management. It also manufactures aircraft cabin equipment, refurbishes aircraft galleys, provides technical and non-technical handling services and repair and overhaul of hydro-mechanical aircraft equipment. In the year end March 31, 2019, the  segment accounted for 2.98% (SGD 485.7 million) of total revenue.

Note: In the year end March 31, 2019, the others segment accounted for 0.38% (SGD 61.4 million) of total revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

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