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July 1, 2020
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StarHub Ltd

SGD 2,362.0 million (2018)
SGD 200.6 million (2018)
2,216 (2018)
GICS Industry Group:
StarHub Green, Singapore
7 May 1998
Current CEO:
Peter Kaliaropoulos (9 Jul 2018–)


StarHub Ltd is a Singapore-based provider of telecommunications services and other businesses relating to the info-communications industry. StarHub operates primarily in Singapore and delivers its Mobile, Pay TV, Broadband, Enterprise Fixed services and equipment sales on a fully integrated network, and has a centralised customer service, sales, marketing and administration support.

StarHub has extensive fibre and wireless infrastructure and global partnerships. Along with services to consumers, the company also develops and delivers solutions for corporate and government clients including artificial intelligence, cyber security, data analytics, Internet of Things and robotics.

StarHub Ltd is incorporated in Singapore and has its registered office at 67 Ubi Avenue 1, #05-01 StarHub Green, Singapore.

StarHub Ltd is listed on the Singapore Exchange under the code CC3.

In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
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Operating Segments:

Mobile - StarHub provides mobile services through its subsidiary StarHub Mobile. The mobile segment offers postpaid, prepaid, and roaming services for mobile devices to consumers. In the year end December 31, 2018, the mobile segment accounted for 34.91% (SGD 824.5 million) of total revenue.

Pay TV - The pay TV segment offers access to certain international and domestic TV shows to consumers through HD packs, add-on packs, combo packs, and StarHub Go and StarHub Go Streaming Box. In the year end December 31, 2018, the pay TV segment accounted for 13.18% (SGD 311.3 million) of total revenue.

Broadband - The broadband segment offers fibre broadband, cable broadband, and mobile broadband services to consumers. In the year end December 31, 2018, the broadband segment accounted for 7.87% (SGD 185.8 million) of total revenue.

Enterprise Fixed - The enterprise fixed segment offers telecommunications services, ICT solutions, digital services, and wholesale services to corporations and government clients. The enterprise segment also invests in adjacent areas such as AI, digital platforms and IoT. In the year end December 31, 2018, the enterprise fixed segment accounted for 21.63% (SGD 510.8 million) of total revenue.

Sales of equipment - In the year end December 31, 2018, the sales of equipment segment accounted for 22.42% (SGD 529.6 million) of total revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

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