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July 1, 2020
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Telstra Corporation Limited

AUD 27,807 million (2019)
AUD 2,149 million (2019)
27,279 (2019)
GICS Industry Group:
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
1 July 1975
Current CEO:
Andrew Penn (1 May 2015–)
This is the ultimate parent


Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra) is a provider of telecommunications and information services to Australian and international customers.

The company was formed in 1992 through the merger of Telecom and the Overseas Telecommunications Corporation. Following the merger, the merged entity changed its name to Telstra, firstly overseas in 1993 and then in Australia in 1995.

Telstra2022 (T22) plan is the company's strategy that is designed to enable it to "lead the Australian market by simplifying our (Telstra's) products and services to improve customer experience, simplify our operations, and reduce our cost base." According to Telstra (Annual Report FY19) "T22 is underpinned by our (Telstra's) multi-billion dollar strategic investment program to digitise and automate our systems and deliver the networks for the future, including 5G".

For the financial year end 30 June 2019, Telstra's largest product segment by revenue was mobile, which generated AUD 10,545 million, largely through the company's Telstra Consumer and Small Business operating segment. In the same year, Telstra employed 27,279 people, according to the WGEA.

Telstra is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code TLS.

In Australian Dollars (AUD)
In Australian Dollars (AUD)
In Australian Dollars (AUD)
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Operating Segments:

Telstra Consumer and Small Business (TCSB) - The TCSB segment provides telecommunication products, services and solutions across mobiles, fixed and mobile broadband, telephony and Pay TV/IPTV and digital content to consumer and small business customers in Australia. TCSB also undertakes the operation of inbound and outbound call centres, Telstra shops and the Telstra dealership network. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, the TCSB segment accounted for 56.44% (AUD 14,256 million) of total revenue.

Telstra Enterprise (TE) - The Telstra Enterprise segment sells and manages contracts for medium to large business and government customers in Australia and globally. TE is also engaged in the management of Telstra's networks outside Australia in conjunction with the networks and IT and Telstra Infraco segments, and provides product management for advanced technology solutions and services, including Data and Internet Protocol (IP) networks, mobility services, and Network Applications and Services (NAS) products such as managed network, unified communications, cloud, industry solutions and integrated services and monitoring in Australia and globally. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, the TE segment accounted for 32.52% (AUD 8,213 million) of total revenue.

Telstra InfraCo - Telstra InfraCo provides telecommunication products and services that are delivered over Telstra networks and associated support systems to other carriers, carriage service providers and internet service providers. Telstra InfraCo also holds fixed network infrastructure including data centres, non-mobiles related domestic fibre, copper, HFC cable, international subsea cables, exchanges, poles, ducts and pipes, and provides  access to Telstra's fixed network infrastructure assets to other Telstra business units, wholesale customers and nbn co. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, the Telstra InfraCo segment accounted for 11.04% (AUD 2,788 million) of total revenue.

Networks and IT - The networks and IT segment is engaged in the planning, design, engineering architecture and construction of Telstra networks, technology and information technology solutions, the delivery of network technologies and digital platforms. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, the Networks and IT segment accounted for 0.14% (AUD 35 million) of total revenue.

All other - For the financial year end 30 June 2019, all other revenue accounted for -0.13% of total revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

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