ValueMax Group Limited
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July 1, 2020
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ValueMax Group Limited

SGD 235.9 million (2019)
SGD 26.1 million (2019)
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GICS Industry Group:
Current CEO:
Yeah Hiang Nam (Aug 2003-)
Yeah Holdings Pte Ltd


ValueMax Group Limited (ValueMax) is a pawnbroking chain that was founded in 1988. ValueMax Group Limited is a limited liability company incorporated and domiciled in Singapore. The company and its subsidiaries provide pawnbroking and secured moneylending services, as well as the retail and trading of pre-owned jewellery and gold.

The registered office and principal place of business of ValueMax is located at 261 Waterloo Street #01-35, Singapore 180261. The immediate and ultimate holding company is Yeah Holdings Pte Ltd, which is incorporated in Singapore.

ValueMax Group Limited is listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) under the code T6I.

In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
In Singapore Dollars (SGD)
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Operating Segments:

Retail and trading - The retail segment reconditions selected pre-owned jewellery and watches for retail sale at the outlets, including unredeemed pledged articles from the pawnbroking business, as well as jewellery and branded watches purchased from walk-in individuals at the outlets. In the year end 31 December 2019, the retail and trading segment accounted for 80.66% (SGD 190.3 million) of total revenue.

Pawnbroking - In the year end 31 December 2019, the pawnbroking segment accounted for 12.16% (SGD 28.7 million) of total revenue.

Moneylending - The moneylending segment provides business grants, and term loans secured by mortgages of private residential and commercial properties. In the year end 31 December 2019, the moneylending segment accounted for 7.18% (SGD 16.9 million) of total revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

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