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July 1, 2020
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Wesfarmers Limited

AUD 27,920 million (2019)
AUD 5,510 million (2019)
105,000 (2019)
GICS Industry Group:
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
27 June 1914
Current CEO:
Robert Scott (Feb 2017–)
This is the ultimate parent


Wesfarmers Limited is an Australian conglomerate, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. On 27 June 1914 the company was established as a Western Australian farmers' cooperative.

Wesfarmers’ businesses include home improvement, apparel, general merchandise and office supplies, chemicals, energy and fertilisers and industrial safety products.

On 28 November 2018, Wesfarmers completed its demerger of Coles and its subsidiaries, retaining a 15% minority ownership in Coles. As a result, the Coles business is presented as a discontinued operation in the company's financial results. The gain on demerger after tax is AUD 2,264 million.

Wesfarmers Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code WES.

In Australian Dollars (AUD)
In Australian Dollars (AUD)
In Australian Dollars (AUD)
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Operating Segments:

Bunnings - Bunnings is a retailer of building materials and home and garden improvement products. Bunnings also services project builders and the housing industry. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, Bunnings accounted for 47.16% (AUD 13,166 million) of total revenue.

Kmart Group - Kmart Group includes the operations of Kmart and Target. Kmart is a retailer of apparel and general merchandise, including toys, leisure, entertainment, home and consumables. Target is a retailer of apparel, homewares and general merchandise, including accessories, electricals and toys. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, the Kmart Group accounted for 30.80% (AUD 8,598 million) of total revenue.

Officeworks - Officeworks is a retailer and supplier of office products and solutions for home, small-to-medium sized businesses and education. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, Officeworks accounted for 8.29% (AUD 2,314 million) of total revenue.

Chemicals, energy and fertilisers (WesCEF) - WesCEF is engaged in the manufacturer and marketing of chemicals for industry, mining and mineral processing. WesCEF also manufactures and markets broadacre and horticultural fertilisers, distributes LPG and LNG, extracts LPG and LNG for domestic and export markets, and manufactures wood-plastic composite decking and screening products. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, WesCEF accounted for 7.44% (AUD 2,078 million) of total revenue.

Industrial and safety (WIS) - WIS is a supplier and distributor of maintenance, repair and operating products, a manufacturer and marketer of industrial gases and equipment, a supplier, manufacturer and distributor of workwear clothing in Australia and internationally, a supplier and distributor of industrial safety products and services, and a provider of risk management and compliance services. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, WIS accounted for 6.28% (AUD 1,752 million) of total revenue.

Other - The other segment includes a 15.0% interest in Coles Group Limited and a non-controlling interest in Wespine Industries Pty Ltd, among other operations. For the financial year end 30 June 2019, the other segment accounted for 0.04% (AUD 12 million) of total revenue.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

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