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Atlassian Australia 1 Pty Ltd

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Atlassian Corporation Plc
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Immediate Parent:
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April 26, 2020
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Atlassian Australia 1 Pty Ltd designs, develops, licenses and maintains software and the provision of software hosting services to help teams organise, discuss and complete their work.

Atlassian Australia 1 Pty Ltd's primary products include Jira Software and Jira Core which are used for planning and project management, Confluence which is used for content creation and sharing, Trello which is used for capturing and adding structure to fluid, fast-forming work for teams, Bitbucket which is used for code sharing and management, Jira Service Desk which is used for team service and support applications, Opsgenie which is used for incident management and Jira Align which is used for enterprise agile planning.

The ultimate parent of Atlassian Australia 1 Pty Ltd is Atlassian Corporation Plc a company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

The company's registered office is located at Level 6, 341 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia.

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