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Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited

Hong Kong
Ultimate Parent:
Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited
Immediate Parent:
Immediate Parent:
Immediate Parent:


Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited (Jardine Strategic) is a holding company with its principal interests in Hongkong Land, Dairy Farm, Mandarin Oriental, Jardine Cycle & Carriage and Astra. These companies operate in the fields of motor vehicles and related operations, property investment and development, food retailing, health and beauty, home furnishings, engineering and construction, transport services, restaurants, luxury hotels, financial services, heavy equipment, mining, energy and agribusiness.

The ultimate holding company of Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited is Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited, a company that is incorporated in Bermuda and operates in Hong Kong. As at 31 December 2019, Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited held a 58% (2018: 58%) interest in its parent Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited. However, as Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited's ownership of Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited is larger than Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited's interest in Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited, Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited is the ultimate parent.

Jardine Strategic is incorporated in Bermuda and has a standard listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), and secondary listings on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX), and Singapore (SGX) under the code J37.

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