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Nike (UK) Limited

United Kingdom
Ultimate Parent:
Nike Inc
Immediate Parent:
Nike International Holding BV
Immediate Parent:
Immediate Parent:


Nike (UK) Limited's principal activity is to act as an agent for the sale of accessories, apparel, and footwear on behalf of Nike Inc. Nike (UK) Limited is a private limited company which is incorporated in England. While the company primarily operates in the United Kingdom, it also has a small Ireland-based branch located in Dublin.

Nike (UK) Limited's registered address is located at Camberwell Way, Doxford International Technology Park, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear SR3 3XN, United Kingdom.

For the financial year end 31 May 2019, Nike (UK) Limited employed 86 people in sales roles and 196 people in administrative roles.

The immediate parent entity of Nike (UK) Limited is Nike International Holding BV, a company incorporated in the Netherlands. The ultimate parent is Nike Inc, a company incorporated in the United States of America.

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