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RedMart Limited

Ultimate Parent:
Alibaba Group Holding Limited
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Immediate Parent:
Immediate Parent:
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February 27, 2020
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RedMart Limited is an online grocery company that sells fast moving consumer goods such as personal care products, health and wellness products, baby products, food and beverages, and pet products online.

The company is incorporated and domiciled in Singapore. The address of its registered office is 8 Shenton Way, #43-01, AXA Tower, Singapore.

RedMart Limited was founded by Rajesh Lingappa and Vikram Rupani in November 2011. In November 2016, Lazada Group SA (a subsidiary of Alibaba Group) acquired RedMart for reportedly between USD30 million and USD40 million. RedMart has since been integrated into Lazada's platform, though continues to operate as a separate entity.

RedMart Limited's immediate holding company is Rioja Holdings Pte Ltd, incorporated in Singapore. The company's intermediate holding corporation is Lazada Group SA, incorporated in Luxembourg and the company's ultimate holding corporation is Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, incorporated in Cayman Islands.

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