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The Walt Disney Company (Australia) Pty Ltd

Ultimate Parent:
The Walt Disney Company
Immediate Parent:
Walt Disney Company Limited
Immediate Parent:
Immediate Parent:


The Walt Disney Company (Australia) Pty Ltd is primarily engaged in the distribution of Walt Disney Home Entertainment products, the distribution of films to theatres, the granting of company characters in merchandising and publishing, the provision of programming services for subscription broadcast and on free-to-air television, film and TV production, and live theatre production in Australia. For the financial year end 30 September 2019, the company employed 225 people throughout its operations.

The Walt Disney Company (Australia) Pty Ltd is located at 658 Church Street, Richmond 3121, Victoria, Australia.

The company's immediate parent entity is Walt Disney Company Limited, a company incorporated in the United Kingdom. The ultimate parent entity is The Walt Disney Company, a company incorporated in the United States of America.

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