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Uber Australia Holdings Pty Ltd

Ultimate Parent:
Uber Technologies Inc
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Immediate Parent:
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February 2, 2020
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Uber Australia Holdings Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries is a for-profit company limited by shares that is incorporated and domiciled in Australia. The principal place of business of Uber Australia Holdings Pty Ltd is Level 30, 580 George Street, Sydney.

Uber Australia Holdings Pty Ltd's principal activities are to support proprietary technology applications (Uber's platforms, such as the Uber ride-hailing app). Support services provided by the company and its subsidiaries enable independent providers of ridesharing services (driver partners), Uber Eats meal preparation services (restaurant partners), and Uber Eats meal delivery services (delivery partners), to transact with riders (for ridesharing services), restaurants (for delivery services) and customers as the company's end users.

The immediate parent entity is Uber International Holding B.V., a company registered in Netherlands. The ultimate parent entity is Uber Technologies Inc, a company registered in the United States of America.

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