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Wilmar Australia Holdings Pty Ltd

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Wilmar International Limited
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January 31, 2020
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Wilmar Australia Holdings Pty Ltd and its controlled entities operate within two business unit: cane products and sweeteners.

Cane products - Principal activity is the milling of sugarcane to produce raw sugar and molasses. Most of the raw sugar product is sold into export markets. A significant portion of the molasses production is fermented and distilled to produce ethanol with the balance being sold to stockfeed markets. Wilmar Australia Holdings Pty Ltd's mills also generate electricity, with the excess of internal factory requirements sold to the Queensland, Australia, electricity grid.

Sweeteners - Refines raw sugar to produce food-grade products, and also holds the distribution rights to the brand Equal (a low calorie artificial sweetener) in Australia and New Zealand.

The ultimate parent of Wilmar Australia Holdings Pty Ltd is Wilmar International Limited, which is incorporated in Singapore.

Wilmar Australia Holdings Pty Ltd is located at level 22, 300 Queen Street, Brisbane, Australia.

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